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Based on decades of working with large multinationals, Pia Lauritzen, PhD shares key insights for how to align your organization around strategic priorities. Her directions are simple and easy to implement. You and your team can start today.

"No matter how passionate you and your fellow executives are, and no matter how many times you repeatedly stress the importance of the strategic transformation your company is going through, people will always be people. And people need help."

In the eBook, discover what you need to know to:

  • Get people to understand the problem your strategy is solving
  • Spread the word about the strategy
  • Make the strategy useful to everyone in the team
  • Align people on the same strategic topics at the same time


PiaPia Lauritzen is a Danish philosopher, management advisor, and author.
She has a PhD in Philosophy and has written several books about leadership and questions. Her 2019 TED Talk is titled "What you don't know about questions." Pia is a regular columnist for Finans – Denmark's largest business newspaper.
Based on her research on questions, Pia invented the Qvest method and co-founded Qvest.io.